I still can’t believe that I had conversations on my radio program yesterday morning with people who were of the belief that Victorian teeanger Numan Haider had been ‘singled out’ by the police.

If you pull a knife and stab a police officer in the face in this country, there’s every chance you’ll be singled out.

I had people suggesting to me that police had brutalised this poor young man.

I had one suggest that as he was clearly not of sound mind, he should have been dealt with as a mental health patient and not as a criminal.

What rubbish.

If you try to kill police officers, there’s a high chance that you will be killed.

The only sensible comment that I got from anyone on the far left yesterday morning was that if this incident had involved the shooting of a white catholic man then the story would have been completely different. And at the time, I agreed.

This listener suggested that if the dead man had been a christian this would have become a story about mental illness. Well yes, I guess it would have initially….but as soon as they found the ISIS flag in his pocket then it would have swung around to it’s current status.

This was an attempted terror attack. Numan Haider was not ‘singled out’ or brutalised. I agree with the theory that Numan Haider intended to behead these two police officers and then drape the ISIS flag over them.

You don’t have to be all that sharp to figure this out.

When Numan Haider set out for the police station, I don’t believe he intended to finish the night alive. He wanted to be a martyr. I think he figured that the element of surprise was on his side and that he was a big chance of being able to kill these two officers in line with the international jihad call from only 24 hours earlier.

He had been the subject of police investigations for the past three months as he had become increasingly radical.

Police tell us that he was part of a small group of Islamic Melbourne men who have been spreading hate in violent messages.