We stole away to the Southern Highlands on the weekend. Stayed in a B and B at Picton and loved it. It was superb.

Drove back to Canberra yesterday and took our time off the highway.

I’m embarassed to admit that up until yesterday we’d never ever seen Picton and Tahmoor and Bargo and Exeter and Bundanoon.  We just never get off the freeway.

So we ambled along there yesterday and finally rejoined the Hume Highway around Marulan not far from hume 2sunset last night.

Can I tell you one of the things that really annoys me when you’re driving on the highway at night time.

I hate it when you get a roadworks speed zone on a Sunday night when there is no impediment whatsoever for the highway traffic.

I think it as somewhere on the Federal Highway….I can’t even remember if it was Federal or Hume, but there was a 60km/h zone around some bridgework. It looked as though someone may have collided with the guard rail at some stage and earlier in the day they’d been working to fix it.

imagesBut at the time we came through there was nothing going on. There were some witches hats way off to the left on the shoulder. There was effectively no impact on the through traffic.

Why would you leave the roadworks speed zone in place ?

Now I have no doubt that when the workers were actually there and working on the bridge there was a genuine reason to slow the traffic down, but there was no need whatsoever to do it on a Sunday night.

It’s rubbish…and what it does is downplays the importance of every roadworks speed zone.

Are you with me on this ?