So the Government and their conscience Shane Rattenbury have finally accepted that the needle and syringe exchange program at the Alexander Machonochie Centre ain’t gonna work.

The prison guards were never on the same page. The general public were never on the same page.image

If someone has been convicted of a crime….if we’ve locked them up to reform their lives. Why would the state then support their use of an illegal substance while they’re incarcerated ?

It’s never made any sense to me.

And these arguments that….”oh the drugs are going to get in there anywhere” don’t wash with me either.

If the drugs are getting in then find a way to stop them.

If we had heroin getting into primary schools around town would we just concede that point and provide needles to the year 4s to enable them to shoot up in the playground ?

No we wouldn’t. Why would you make such a concession ?

rattenburyI spoke to ‘Ratters’ on Thursday. He doesn’t believe that the needle and syringe plan is  dead and buried. He thinks it’s has a chance to live once it can gains support from the majority of the prison’s staff. Good luck with that one Shane. They’re not coming with you on this one. For the program to be started, the majority of the guards would have to endorse it. That’s never going to happen.

With the needle program now officially on the backburner, it ends two years of pay negotiations and finalises the enterprise bargaining agreement. Some workers are going to have backpay of $7000 unlocked. Now, that’s wonderful forced saving.