Nick Kyrgios is the talk of the town for all of the wrong reasons.

Nick Kyrgios has played some world class tennis overnight against Richard Gasquet but he also disgraced himself.

The boy just gave up in the second set. He stopped playing. He was out there on the court but he wasn’t making any kyrgios wimbgenuine attempt to return Gasquets serve. He just conceded that he could’t win the second set and gave up.  And they booed him.

Disgraceful performance.

If your 12 year old had done it in a junior tournament you would have torn strips off them. This was done at one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world with the whole world watching.

There were many critics of Lleyton Hewitt in his heyday because of the belligerent way that he played the game, but I’m here to tell you, Lleyton Hewitt would never ever give up. Ever.

Granted he did bounce back and win the third set, but his second set was extraordinary.

Kyrgios also gave a massive spray to the chair umpire and abused his stand in coach on numerous occasions during the game. We are no longer going to excuse this behaviour because he’s a competitive young 20 year old. You wouldn’t excuse a 12 year old.

Nick. We love your tennis. And we love the fact that you’re from here in Canberra. It won’t take Canberra long to forgive….but Nick you need to grow up.kyrgios

You don’t treat people like that.

You don’t treat officials like that. You don’t treat your opponents like that. You don’t treat your coaching team like and you don’t treat the fans like that.

Disgraceful petulance from Nick Kyrgios and I think it would have been an injustice for him to win the game. It pains me to say it, but I’m glad he got bundled out.

This boy is potentially the best tennis player on the planet, but he needs to grow up in the mean time.

He did have the chance to be humble in the post match press conference, but of course passed up on that opportunity. He had the chance to say, “Yeah. I lost my way a little out there and I’m sorry. It didn’t look good.”  He didn’t of course.

Instead he got into fights with journalists and wavered between being sullen and belligerent.