NGA Contemporary by the lake is a case of everything we’ve done before is new again and if it worked for the National Portrait Gallery then let’s see if it can work for the National Gallery of Australia this time around.


In other words a stunning exhibition of Contemporary Australian Art that brings colour, excitement and a visual smorgasbord to the space that proved perfect for the NPG when it was going through a metamorphosis.


They needed to show off the collection in a modern space to be a little strategic in their lobbying and that saw the genesis of the NPG born of their efforts and is of course now firmly ensconced up the hill. And we who love a party wont forget some very memorable social events by the lake shore.

So obviously that’s what the NGA is up to, as it garners support for the development of ‘building Stage 2’ that will be The Centre for Australian Art, while in the interim this space will showcase the best from the contemporary collection and I promise you’ll love it.
Well if you like something quirky, thoughtful, confronting, funny and futuristic you’ll love it. If you don’t mind wondering why, questioning the intent and having a bit of a laugh too then do the Queen Elizabeth Terrace wander for a peek and peruse. Some guests assured me they’d seen a pig on a lead during the formalities. I don’t think it was an exhibit.

See my full story and all of the pics here.