The Mr Fluffy story just keeps on changing.

Today we’ve got a new court challenge on the table.

Have you heard about this ?   It got a run on Lateline on ABC TV last night.  Chris Georgiou is paying a high price for living in a Mr Fluffy home.  He has mesothelioma and he blames the Commonwealth. It’s going to be lawyers at ten paces.

Chris Georgiou is suing the Federal Government in the New South Wales Dust Diseases Tribunal.  His case is built around the claim that the Government was negligent because it failed to stop the installation of the Mr Fluffy product in homes and failed to warn residents of the health dangers.image

There’s a helluva lot riding on this case.  A thousand home owners are watching very very closely….as is a certain Chief Minister and many others.

The story goes that Chris, who was living in a Mr Fluffy home in MacGregor was storing valuable items in the roof cavity.  He ended up covered in Mr Fluffy loose fill asbestos on a number of occasions.

We watch with much interest.

In other Fluffy news…you know how the ACT Government is going to buyback all of these blocks and then rezone most of them and put units in place of the houses ?  Well that may not work.

Why ?

The Government’s own laws on solar access could come back to bite them on the bum.  These laws only came into effect a year or so ago.  They’re designed to promote sunshine for all. You can’t build anything that is going to block sun to neighbouring homes. And whatever you build has to have unprecedented solar access.  This is part of our push to save the world, but it my scuttle the Government’s plans to balance the books on the Fluffy buyback.

suburbanAnd I continue to hear much grumbling from Mr Fluffy owners on the whole valuation process.

Lisa is a Mr Fluffy owner who wrote this on the Friends of Fluffy Owners Facebook page.

I’m kind of annoyed that we have been out of our home since July, I am having the first valuation on Thursday and have not even been contacted by a second one. I know it took me a few days to submit the paper work but seriously!? They said displaced families would be prioritised. I am concerned that by the time they finally call me, there will be a long wait for a time slot because they will already be booked heavily; as has been the case for another displaced family I know. I am a bit frustrated the process seems to be going so slowly when I’m hearing that so many others are already looking at the final average.

I spoke to Paul Powderly from the Australian Property Institute this morning. He tells me that the average house price figure is going change radically between now and the end of the process. He suggested that a number of the early valuations were very expensive properties in inner suburbs.

Over at the Mr Fluffy Homes, Full Disclosure Facebook page, I found this from Brandon.

There are a lot of people out there fighting for what is right, and drawing their strength from knowing that there are others out there as angry and feeling the same way as them. We will only be able to succeed by fighting on together recognizing that each of has a different story, aspirations and expectations. I encourage all people to use the opportunity to have their voices heard.

And get a load of this from Mardy.

In my circumstance I want to move on, but don’t know where or how I will manage it. I support everyone’s right to choose what they want or need to do in their individual circumstances. I certainly value this site for it’s openness and how we’re coming together to help each other either through information or practical advice. I will continue to fight for a more fair buyback plan and for the governments to stop the BS, accept responsibility and do the right thing by individuals. I’m particularly concerned about the elderly in our community who have the quieter voices and need the most urgent help

There’s a long long way to go here.