Have you ever heard of Morongla Creek ?


No, neither had I until the weekend.

It’s a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ town about 15kms south of Cowra.

It’s a little farming village surrounded by golden fields of canola and wheat. The paddocks are populated by fat sheep and cows. Lots of country music is played. Lots of check shirts are worn and a hat is mandatory.image

We drove past Morongla Creek on my first ever trip to Bathurst on Saturday morning and I noted that, according to the signs, the Morongla Show was to be held two days later.

Indeed when we drove back on the holiday Monday, the showgrounds were full to the brim with horses, sheep, jumping castles and people.

We stopped and parked and joined the throng.

I’m so glad we did.image

There are things that you can learn at the Moronlga Show that you won’t learn anywhere else.

I love it how everyone from the town and indeed for miles around turns up. Most of them have entered one of the categories and have their wares on display in the main hall. Whether it be flower arrangements, photography, jams or wool. It’s all on display.

But the best of all was old Ken.

Old Ken was there at the show in his crisp white shirt and tie.image

I couldn’t resist….I had to have a chat to Ken.

He told me a bit about his life.

Ken’s 88. He’s been on the land in Morongla for around 45 years. He moved there with his young family from Cooma. He’s still on the land with his son…’just up the road there a bit,’ as he motioned to the south.

“I still shear my own sheep,” he declaredimage

Ken used to have 1000 sheep. He’s down to 100 now.

He told me Morongla Show day was a genuine red letter day in the district and thanked us for coming.

I’m glad we did. image