After the Million Paws Walk John Mackay reminded us of this poem this morning on my radio program.

We had to clean it up on the radio, but I can give you the unedited version this morning.

Oh, the dogs once held a concert,
They came from near and farimage

Oh, some they came by aeroplane

And some by motor car.

Before into the concert hall
They were allowed to look,
Each dog had to take his arsehole
And hang it on a hook.image

Oh, hardly were they seated there,
Each mother, son and sire,
When a dirty little yeller dog
Began to holler ‘Fire!’image
Out they rushed in panic,
They didn’t stop to look;
Each dog just grabbed an arsehole
From off the nearest hook.
And that’s the reason why you see,
On walking down the street,image
Each dog will stop and swap a smell
With every dog he meets.image
And that’s the reason why a dog
Will leave a good fat boneimage
To go and smell an arsehole
In hopes to find his own.