Is Meryl Streep believable as a ‘rock chick’ ?

My oath she is.

Luisa and I saw Ricki and the Flash last night at Hoyts Woden and loved it. Were they really all of her vocals ?  She’s improved a helluva lot since Mama Mia days.

I’m told that to get into the ‘rock and roll’ vibe, Meryl just drank white wine on the set all day. Well, it worked.

As the hard rocking, guitar slinging Ricki, she very nearly nails it…and I say very nearly, because there are moments when she does just look like Meryl dressed up as an ageing rocker.  ricki and greg

This isn’t a great movie. In music parlance, Ricki and the Flash as a movie is like a pretty slick cover band. You pretty much know what you’re going to get all the way through, but it doesn’t rise to great heights.  Despite the fact that the movie is based around this covers rock band, it’s not a movie about music.

Ricki and the Flash is a motion picture about dysfunctional families and, to me, it’s a movie about the vast class differences in the U.S of A.  America is not a good country to be poor in and that shines through here.

I reckon Mamie Gummer steals the show as Meryl’s daughter. Can I tell you, we didn’t know that Mamie is indeed Meryl’s real daughter until after the movie. We were both sitting there thinking, ‘what a great job casting that woman as Meryl’s daughter !’  She’s brilliant. Honest, raw and believable.

mamie 2Yes, Mamie is the bub that Meryl was pregnant with when she got the oscar for Sophies Choice.

Rick Springfield is wonderful as Meryl’s guitarist Greg. And the music’s not bad either.

And yes, it is the same Rick Springfield who gave us Jessie’s Girl back in 1981. “She’s loving him with that body.” I always wondered if she wasn’t loving him with that body, who’s body she’d be using, but I digress.

This is a watchable flick.