I’m a small town country boy at heart. I don’t think I could live in Sydney.
I don’t mind going for a visit, but I’m always struck by how rushed everyone seems. Smiles are hard to come by, but it’s always pretty easy to find someone flipping the bird.
I could live in Melbourne. Why is Melbourne so much more palatable ?image

We were in Melbourne on the weekend.  I really enjoyed it.  I love Melbourne and I’m always struck by the massive difference in personality between our two largest cities.  They have a similar size population base, but a completely different vibe.

Why is it so ?

All of the retail and hospitality service in Melbourne was first class.  In Sydney, they just want your money quickly so they can get back to their phones.

imageI was talking about it on the radio this morning and one listener responded on the SMS with this.

Melbourne is better because its populated by Victorians. Simple.

People talk to you in Melbourne. It must be said that for many of them, their conversation is limited to AFL talk, but they’re still talking to you.  In Sydney nobody even wants to make eye contact.

Melbourne makes your smile. Sydney is a city of far too many people with far too little respect.

I believe that AFL is one of the keys to the city.

We went along to see my footy team, the West Coast Eagles play at Etihad Stadium on Saturday.

I take my hat off to all long term St Kilda fans.  Well done on hanging in there.   The last time the Saints won a premiership was the day I was born.  It’s already been a long time between drinks and God knows when the next one will be.image

The beautiful thing about being a Saints supporter is that you usually get to go home early. I’d love to know how many Saints fans have, over the years, started trudging to the carpark muttering anti umpire sentiment at the 7 minute mark of the last quarter.  I saw it first hand on Saturday.  Once your team trails by any more than 5 goals in the final term, it’s time to do the walk of disappointment.image

I walked around Melbourne wearing the West Coast gear on Sunday and found everybody wanted to talk to me.  They wanted to give me some friendly ribbing, but by and large they just wanted to tap into a shared love that everyone seems to have for the greatest ball game on the planet.

Am I wrong here, or is Melbourne just easier to get along with than Sydney ?

What are your thoughts ?