I thought radio listeners would be sick to death of talking about gay marriage….but they’re not.

Wow ! Did the phones go off this morning.

Andrew rang me early in the piece to protest at the change that we’re about to make to basic fabric of society.bert and ernie

I told him to ‘get a life.’

Graham told me that I was ‘a joke’ and that it was up to the 5% of Australians who ‘chose to be’ homosexuals to ‘get a life’

He told me that he was offended by their push to trash marriage and he’s sure that many more amongst the 95% of ‘normal people’ would be similarly outraged. He said that the feelings of the majority are never taken into account.

Andy rang to ask what it was that we were achieving by appeasing this minority. He doesn’t understand why this change would create such joy.

Joe rang me to tell me that if indeed there was a change it would take a decade to come through.marriage two

I told he was wrong, that this would be voted on in the Parliament and enacted into law before the end of the year, but he was adamant that a referendum would be required.  He also said that within 10 years we’ll be so influenced by Islam that there’s no chance of this sort of change.

I did suggest to Joe that we were a democracy here in Australia…in case he hadn’t noticed.

Oh he’d noticed alright. This the problem, according to Joe. Democracy is killing us as a nation.

marriage illegalMaybe we could with a good old fashioned military coup and get a dictator installed.

Sarah finally called to balance things up a bit.

“Don’t you have a bunch of mean spirited listeners ?!” she said

For God’s sake people….this change will not effect you !!!

We’re not asking you to marry anyone.  You don’t have attend a gay wedding. You don’t have to watch two men kiss or two women hold hands.  Nothing in your life will change !

I will never understand this whole ‘but this destroys marriage as we know it’ bullshit.

This is just about giving the right to a large section of Australian citizens to finally marry the people they love.

For fucks sake is it really that complicated ?