I want to represent the people of Tuggeranong in our Legislative Assembly. I’ve been pre-selected to run for the Canberra Liberals on October 15 and I look forward to the challenge immensely.

For far too long Tuggeranong has been ignored by ACT Labor. It must change.

If we win Government in the spring we’ll be ceasing this light rail madness and re-directing the money back into things that are important for all Canberrans.  As a small business owner/operator who grew up in the store room of a 7 day supermarket, I want to unhinge the shackles that are holding back small business right across town. It’s become too expensive for many continue.

If you’re in Tuggeranong there’s every chance I’ll be knocking on your door between now and October 15.

Don’t hesitate to contact me either on mparton@canberraliberals.org.au or call me on 0497 525 527