Every life is about choices.

You have some decisions made for you. There are many things that happen in your life that you have no control over but on so many occasions you get to choose….and for the most part there’s a safe choice and a bold choice.

I think it’s fair to say that on most occasions we take the safe road.image

Well, I’ve taken the courageous decision this time around.

Doing my radio program has been a great privilege for the last 7 years. It’s been a great privilege to be a broadcaster for the last 33 years.

Radio is a beautiful medium. It’s instant.. It’s simple. It’s broadcasting and publishing in it’s purest form. I’ve loved every minute of it.

But when this new business of mine began to take off I was faced with a difficult choice. It wasn’t physically possible for me to keep on developing my business and to do the radio job in the manner that I think it deserves to be done.

I had no option but to call it quits.

imageI have to mention a good friend of mine James Willson who owns and runs Cre8ive. James is a fair bit younger than me, and so I hope he doesn’t mind me describing him as my business mentor. The whole idea of PartonMe was born from a simple conversation that James and I had one day just outside the Canberra centre.

He told me why I should set up my own business. I gave him all of these reasons why I couldn’t. He went through all of those reasons and offered the solutions to each and every one of them.

James provided me with my very first client and has continued to offer me enormous assistance in developing PartonMe to be what it is

IN the early part James suggested to me on a number of occasions that this year some time I would give up the radio and just do PartonMe. I told him he was dreaming.

I was wrong and he was right.

I think we’d all like to jump out of the plane and try sky diving but often we don’t have the courage and the self belief to do that.

James, thanks mate. I could not have done it without you pushing me out the door.

I will be forever thankful.