Good morning

Welcome to the final day of the financial year.

How crazy will it be in at Domayne and Harvey Norman and Office Works today.

Have you been inspired by Joe Hockey’s tax deductible gift for small businesses ?

I was.

I was in at Domayne late last week grabbing a Mac Air.

It was time to update the laptop and I thought why not.

I run a little business selling my body on the side so it’s fully deductible for me. The office that I’m about to move into in the city is an all Mac office so for the first time in my life I’ve decided to go Apple for my laptop.

Gee they’re good at Domayne.

They were awesome.

And I’m so happy with the Mac.

I’ll tell you what blew me away is how easy it was to transfer all of the documents and other stuff from my old PC to the Mac.

You do it all wirelessly. And it was so easy.image

The Mac talks you through every step. You just have to hook both PCs up to the same wireless connection. You download an application on the old PC and click transfer and wallah…it just happens..

the transfer took about 2 hours, but it was so so easy

I’m loving the Mac. It’s sounds like a minor thing, the keyboard is just so much easier to type on. I can’t explain why.

It’s so fast. It’s so clean.

I’m loving it.

Thanks Domayne