I couldn’t help myself.

Despite a 2.45am alarm, I had to wait up and see the total lunar eclipse.

Luisa and I strolled out at around 9.15 and we saw the full moon slowly become a thin crescent. And then an eerie blood red. It was awesome. I could have sat out there for an hour.

And yes the view in Canberra was perfect, unlike Sydney and Melbourne. It is the best city in the world after all.

Skywatchers in the Asia and the Americas also got a good look at this celestial light show.

So why does the moon turn red ?

Well, the way it’s been explained to me, it’s sunlight scattering off the earth’s atmosphere…whatever the hell that means.

I’ve seen a lot of photos of the lunar eclipse this morning.

I so wish someone had actually been on the moon to take a picture of earth during one of these events. Now that would be spectacular.