I caught up with former Australian sprinter Matt Shirvington earlier in the week.

He was pushing the Australian Institute of Sport’s big push to attract athletes from ‘other sports’ to join it’s program.

Matt explained to me that the AIS is keen to find naturally gifted athletes who may have become fatigued in their current sport, or perhaps have plateaued.

Interestingly the Brisbane Courier Mail, when they covered this story suggested that this was a dire warning for the football codes.

THE Australian Institute of Sport has sharpened its arrows in an aggressive bid to convert NRL and AFL prospects into Olympic medallists.

In what Matt Shirvington calls a “warning shot” to the major football codes, the second intake of the AIS Sports Draft will target potential athletics champions.

While former junior track and field prospects, NRL players Jarryd Hayne Hayne and Jamal Idris have been lost to the sport, Shirvington believes Olympic disciplines boast an incentive that money cannot buy.

“Becoming an Olympian is still a very big carrot,” the Olympian and former 100m national record holder said.

“I’d love to see a Jarryd Hayne back doing hurdles or Jamal Idris back throwing the javelin.

“This is a warning shot but the most important thing is that it’s opening up a pathway to Olympic sports that was not previously there.”

I spoke with Matt on the radio on Wednesday morning.

Matt Shirvington discusses the AIS sports draft with me