Last century the word ‘like’ had only 2 meanings.

a. I like’ football. I ‘like’ bacon and eggs and I ‘like’ Van Morrison

and b. She looks ‘like’ Madonna and my home town is ‘like’ like

Two meanings.  Very simple.

Things have become somewhat complicated in 2015.

These days you can ‘like’ a business page on Facebook, which doesn’t actually mean that you like them, it’s just that your happy for their updates to, from time to time appear on your newsfeed.

But there’s more.

In 2015 you can use the word ‘like’ as a replacement for ‘he said’

Here’s an example for you.

I saw Eddie at the shops and he was like, “What are you still doing in town ?”

Tony Abbott was like, “There wasn’t an leadership spill and I’m still the leader”

Joe Hockey was all like, “Whoa, I’m the best man for the job”

like fingerLike has also become a word that can be inserted anywhere in a sentence instead of a comma.

“So like, I got to work this morning at like 4 and like I didn’t even know it was like, Thursday.”

Use of the word like has increased tenfold in the last decade…and to be honest, I’m not liking it.

I’m like….dude !, like what are you doing to my language.

Can you imagine if you were teaching English to someone now. How do you possibly explain the use of the word like ?