I feel for the staff who were on duty at Latham’s Handy Mart on Monday afternoon.

When you’re working away in retail trying to earn a quid, the last thing you need is some lazy lowlife mongrel who cannot be bothered getting a job waltzing in with a weapon to threaten you and steal money.

I think you’ve got some problems when your weapon of choice is a set of shears.

Seriously ?

This loser entered Latham Handy Mart on Wanliss Street on Monday afternoon and threatened one of the workers. He demanded cash. I don’t think you can fully imagine how much your heart rate would increase in that scenario. When you’re confronted with a criminal in this way, you have no way of knowing where it’s going to end. If an individual is crazy enough to confront you with a weapon, who know’s what they’re capable of ?

You shouldn’t have to put up with this at work. The employee handed the money over and the robber skedaddled.

Police have described the man as Caucasian with an average build and curly blond hair. He was wearing a light grey ‘hoodie’ with a black motif on the front, a baseball cap and dark-coloured pants.

There’s no CCTV available, but apparently there was someone in the store just before the robber and the coppers are looking for him to give them some assistance.