Luisa and I saw Last Cab To Darwin last night at Limelight at Tuggeranong.  Great movie.  I’d been so looking forward to seeing this, and it didn’t let me down.

Michael Caton…brilliant. I doubt that this will be considered as iconic a role for Caton as Daryl Kerrigan in The Castle, but it damn well should be.

Jackie Weaver ? In my humble opinion, not her best work…but still awesome.

Last Cab To Darwin is the story of Rex, a loner taxi driver who’s lived his whole life in Broken Hill.  Without wanting to give too much away, he learns early on in the movie that he is not much longer of this earth. Stomach cancer is well advanced and his death is inevitable.

And so rolls out the story.polly

I grew up in a little West Australian country town in the 70’s. Every character portrayed in Last Cab To Darwin is familiar to me. Every phrase, every small town idiosyncrasy, every joke, every knowing glance…I’ve seen them all. Broken Hill is a long way from York, WA, but they seem to be one and the same.

I love the funky 70’s music from Rex’s record collection at the start. I love the outback scenery. Last Cab To Darwin is real Australia on the big screen.

The supporting cast is out of the box.

Ningali Lawford steals the show, if that’s possible to do from Caton and Weaver. As Rex’s lover from across the street she is irresistible and always believable. I’m hesitant to explain too much about the byplay between Rex and Polly because I don’t want to be a spoiler.

The other main indigenous character in Last Cab is also a hit. I guess the best way to describe Mark Cole Smith as Tilly is that he is to tillyLast Cab what Brad Pitt was to Thelma and Louise complete with cowboy hat and all of the moves.

Last Cab To Darwin is as the title suggests a classic road trip movie. If you want to show friends from overseas what this country is really like then point them in this direction.