I hit the road each weekday morning at 3.30am. I drive from Tuggeranong to Mitchell every day.

I know most of Canberra’s kangaroos by name.

Along that Parkway/GDE route, I know where they congegrate. I know where they hide. I can pick the ones which are more likely to leap into the path of my car.

Sometimes when I come past the Cotter Road overpass there can be as many as 30 roos by the roadside. Out by Black Mountain they perch precariously on the road side seemingly poised to shirtfront your car, but they very rarely move.

In 15 odd years of breakfast radio in Canberra, I have made 3000+ early morning trips to work and I’ve hit 4 kangaroos in that time. Now, when I say ‘hit’ two of them involved just a little nudge.

3 out of 4 of my kangaroo collisions happened in the wet….either while it was raining or just after.

I know we’re talking about a very small sample size here Canberra drivers, but I’m just saying, be wary in the wet.

When it rains in Canberra, the kangaroos come out to party. And if they leap in front of your car you are less able to take evasive action because your tyres don’t have the same grip as they would on a dry day.My kangaroos hits have come on Drakeford Drive at Kambah, Northbourne Avenue at Dickson, Monaro Highway at Symonston and William Slim Drive at Giralang.

Watch out for the roos when it’s wet.