There’s not much that Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott have in common.

They do share one thing though.

Both Julia and Tony are warm, personable people in person who can’t seem to portray those qualities in public.

I’m not sure why.

Abbott and Gillard are great company.  They’re both smart, articulate people with a sense of humour.julia and tony

For some reason when the microphones and the cameras are on they become wooden and awkward and I’m buggered if I know why.

Neither does Ray Martin.

I spoke with Ray this morning and he concurred with me on this point,  but is at a loss to explain it.

We see the big tellsome interview featuring Ray and Julia Gillard tonight on Win TV here and the Nine network around Australia.

Bob Carr dismissed criticism of him saying that Gillard was bitter.

Ray disagrees.

Listen to my chat with Ray Martin here.


Ray told me that, in his opinion, Julia Gillard isn’t trying to change history with her version of events. He thinks that she has been sufficiently hard on herself.

In the TV interview she confesses to “self recriminations’’ over the night she crash tackled Kevin Rudd.

The reputation I have from that night is one of political brutality. Actually, in the moment, I was hesitant. A conversation went too long. I certainly fed hope. I shouldn’t have done that.”

We see it all tonight on the box.