Aaaahhh Budget day.

Don’t you love it ?

I hatem. I’m an election junkie, but I cannot stand sifting through budgets.

The last couple of days have been much better for the Treasurer.

Most of us in the media declared that he’d gone missing in the lead up to today, but he was front and centre yesterday declaring that we were going for the multinationals who have been getting away with not paying tax that they should be paying.

Good on him.  I didn’t think this Government would get serious on that front. They’ve surprised me.

The Treasurer spoke of a genuine will to crack down on these big corporates and to extend the GST to digital downloads.

The raving left wing Abbott haters of course came out swinging because, well because conservatives are evil. Everything they do is evil.

These are are the same people who have been standing behind Andrew Leigh’s assertions that Tony and Joe only look after the big end of town.  Every time I speak with Andrew he says the same thing.  He tells me that the evil conservatives crush the little people and look after the rich.

Yesterday we had Joe Hockey making a move to claim some of the tax that we’ve been owed by the big end of town, but somehow the Treasurer is still evil because we may have to pay more for Netflix and other downloads.

I couldn’t believe my eyes on social media yesterday. There were hard lefties savaging Hockey for attacking the little people by potentially increasing the price of the stuff they’re buying online.

I guess if you’re evil, everything you do is evil.