I’m a little weary because I went along to opening night of Jesus Christ Superstar last night at the AIS Arena. It’s well worth being a little sleep deprived.

Can’t think of the last entertainment event I saw at the AIS.  I think it was Matchbox 20 nearly a decade a go. It’s a most under utilised venue….and it must be said, it’s not perfect for a big musical like this one, but it all came together last night. The place wasn’t quite full, but they were packed in nevertheless.

What a show ?image

How good is Luke Kennedy ? Wow ! It’s just an awesome voice. Luke plays the role of Jesus and Michael Falzon is Judas. These are world class singers…absolute world class…and when you see a show like this that mixes the best of national talent with the best of Canberra talent, you often fear that the local talent won’t cut the mustard.

As soon as Jenna Roberts opened her mouth as Mary Magdalene those fears were quashed. It was an exceptional vocal performance from Jenna. I loved it. 

Director Stephen Pike must be so proud. Well done to Ian Mclean as musical director. It’s so good to go along to a ‘big’ musical production and to be able to see the muso’s. The choreography is a bit OTT, but it has to be. It’s a big arena and those up the back just won’t see subtle movement.

Gordon Nicholson almost steals the show as Herod. He is a riot…and let me tell you when anyone can say that you almost steal the show in a show that includes Luke Kennedy and Michael Falzon, it means you’ve done very very well.

You always worry with this show how on earth they’re going to the crucifixion scene. In this production it’s done with respectfully and believably.

You don’t have long to see this show. It wraps up on Sunday. It’s a ripper.