Jeremy Clarkson is finished as host of one of the world’s most successful TV programs Top Gear and he only has himself to blame.

Clarkson is a dinosaur.clarkson 2

He pays no heed to the tide of political correctness and that’s one of the reasons that people loved him. They loved the fact that he spoke his mind. They loved the fact that he was unpredictable. He was just like the ‘bloke from the pub’. He’d call a spade a spade without fear which makes for great TV entertainment.

But being a dinosaur, being unpredictable and not being ruled by niceties is one thing.  Being downright nasty to people because you know that you’re so bloody important that you can get away with it is quite another.

Clarkson’s got a bad case of the “Gordon Ramsay’s” and the “Clive Palmer’s”  This condition revolves around the belief that you as an individual are so important that the rights of others around you are cancelled out by the brightness of your star.  It’s utter bullshit.

It’s possible to be brilliant, brash and opinionated without crushing people around you.clarkson 3

There is no reason for anyone to treat people the way that Clarkson did. We’re focusing on the incident involving the lack of hot food at a particular restaurant but you can be sure there were many similar incidents involving Clarkson and others, whether they be staff or otherwise.

In another era he would have survived. In another time the BBC would have done whatever they could to sweep it under the carpet. They would have looked the other way and calmed the waters. Putting fires out in 2015 is much tougher. The smoke spreads far quicker and much wider.

Top Gear may never be the same, but such is life.  This isn’t a story about a successful TV program, it’s about simple human decency and Clarkson has been found wanting on that front.