Clive Palmer is rueing the day that he signed Jacqui Lambie on as a Palmer United candidate. Lambie is a buffoon. She’s a vaccuous unguided missile…but she’s also a political mercenary. PUP is her third political party.

Jacqui Lambie got her first taste of political life while working as a volunteer for Labor Senator Nick Sherry.  Blow me down if she didn’t join the Liberal party in 2011 and ran for preselection for the seat of Braddon. Difficult to believe, but it seems Jacqui was unhappy with the way that the Libs ran their affairs…apparently it was a bit of a ‘boys club’ and she left saying that she was a ‘double agent’ of sorts.  Wow ! What a political operative ?

Jacqui Lambie genuinely said that she only joined the Liberal Party to infiltrate them and to learn more about politics. You wonder how long it’s going to take her to say the same thing about her current party.

So, after her Liberal and Labor experiments she made the call to run as an independent, and then at the last moment decided to get on the Palmer bandwagon because he had money.

Here is a woman who spent  years doing whatever she could to get on the political merry-go-round. It didn’t matter which banner she was running under….it was of no consequence because none of this was ever about the party. It was always about Jacqui. 

palmerThe Palmer United Party has always been a circus and it’s descended into something even worse now.  What a day yesterday.  Senator Lambie’s chief of staff has been expelled from the  Party and all of a sudden Crazy Clive is starting to look the voice of reason. He  has accused Senator Lambie of acting as “Rob Messenger’s mouthpiece” and suggested that she should try running for party leader.

“Everything Senator Lambie says is really coming from her chief of staff,” This is what Clive said.

“[Wednesday] night our executive met and we have agreed to expel Rob Messenger from the party on the grounds of making false and misleading statements about our senators.’

What a mess. And we have 5 and half more years of Senator Lambie. God help us.