Don’t give the game away Goodsey. Please. We’ve all enjoyed watching you play. Even those who boo you, would very quietly admit that you’re one of the reasons they go to the football.  It would be such a waste if you gave it away now.  

I watched the West Coast/Swans game on the weekend. Yes the booing was a bit full on. It all got a bit embarrassing, but that’s football.  We like to get up the opposition. I’m not personally a booer, but I support the right of sports fans to do it. Didn’t they serve it up to him ? 

Adam is having a few days off football this week and may not play again.  If he returns, that’s not going to stop the booing.

The fans will get up Goodsey in  the same way that Australian crowds used to serve it up to the great Richard Hadlee at the cricket.  I watched NZ play Australia in the 80’s the chorus of “Hadlee’s a wanker…..Hadlee’s a wanker”  The crowds didn’t let up all summer.

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The AFL and individual clubs have urged their fans to stop. They won’t. I think they’ll continue. It’s a bit of a game now. Adam Goodes started it and many AFL fans are keen to finish it.
Is it racist ?  I don’t think so. Seriously I don’t.
I think it’s highly likely that for some of the people who boo Adam Goodes it’s a racist thing, but for most of them it’s just hardcore footy barracking.  When you buy your tickets to the footy you have the right to boo whoever you like, whenever you like and you don’t have to explain it to anyone. For the most part the people who are booing Adam Goodes are doing so because they don’t like the bloke. I don’t think it’s got anything to do with the colour of his skin. He’s a polarising character.

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I happen to think that everyone is racist to some extent. We’re born that way. We do tend to unconsciously generalise and we naturally consider people from a different background a little differently than we do our own.
The reality is that we’re not all the same. It’d be very very boring if we were all the same….but we’re not. I get sick of the fact that whenever you point out the differences between races you are branded a racist.
Greek people are different to me. Somalian people are different to me. Indigenous Australians are different to me. I spend a fair bit of time with the Colombian community here in Canberra. As a tall blonde Aussie I don’t dance as well as them….in fact my dancing sucks. Would it be racist for somebody else to say that ?
Typically speaking, indigenous Australians play a different style of AFL to the other players. It’s a magical game.  Indigenous players….not all of them, but many of them have amazing peripheral vision and sublime ball skills. Micky O, Rioli, Josh Hill, David Wirrpanda, Lewis Jetta. They’re beautiful to watch. These are the players you pay money to go and see.

When it comes to aerial marking displays they have beautiful soft hands and extreme agility. The kick pure indigenous goals….goals that white fellas could only dream about.Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 5.49.28 pm

Is that a racist thing for me to say ? I don’t know anymore.
There used to be a perception that indigenous players could ‘go missing’ from time to time…..and I think before the game became so professional that perception was correct. Because you see, as racist as it may sound, the indigenous population, can be a little more laid back than other Australians. It doesn’t apply to the entire race, but for many.  Again, I’m sure I’ll be slammed for saying that.
I played AFL badly in Coffs Harbour. I was the captain of the North Coffs Kangaroos reserve grade team, not because I was blessed with any football ability, but because I never shut up and they figured I could organise the team for the weekend. And organise them I did.  I made sure that we had enough players to form a team every Saturday.

The North Coffs Reserves team had 3 indigenous players. They all had a touch of that magical indigenous AFL flair.  They knew how to kick flashy goals and to run a long way without getting tackled.  But the down side was that they didn’t enjoy playing in the rain.  On the Saturdays that it was raining they never ever turned up….ever.

It didn’t matter if I saw them out in Coffs Mall on the Friday afternoon and said….”Hey guys, I know there’s a bit of rain forecast for the weekend, but we really really need you.”

Daniel and his mates….I can’t remember the names of the other two, but they would look you in the eye and pledge that they would definitely be there tomorrow.  But if it was raining  you wouldn’t see them.

We embraced our indigenous players for who they were and accepted that they just wouldn’t turn up in the rain and that they didn’t defend with the ferocity that they ran for an open goal.

We’re not all the same, but I don’t believe for a single moment they’re booing Goodsey because of the colour of his skin.

I mentioned Richard Hadlee earlier, the brilliant New Zealand cricketer.  They booed him because he had no sense of humour. He was stiff and a little aloof.  They figured he took himself a little too seriously.

Adam Goodes take note, but don’t give it away.