What the hell is with Islamic State ?

I know this sounds like a simplistic view, but I just don’t understand why they have to be so bloody evil.

Why would you get so much joy out of destroying a 2000 year old temple.

How could anybody, whatever their religious beliefs……how could anyone believe that somehow the world islamwould be a better place if we destroyed this iconic place.

These people are animals. They have in the last few hours triumphantly published images showing the destruction of the Baal Shamin temple in Palmyra, Syria. They somehow believe this furthers their cause, which we gather is to convert the entire world to their twisted form of extreme Islam….and this is the thing that you always have to consider when you talk about ISIS….you need to consider what is their end game.

These crazy misguided brutal men are genuinely trying to convert the entire world to their extreme form of islam…..and to kill everyone who doesn’t fall into line. Everyone. They’re deluded.

syria 2Again, I get back to the question on this temple. What exactly are you going to achieve by destroying it. It had stood for 1,800 years. Of course this destruction happened after they had chopped off the head of the bloke who had overseen the building for the last 50 years and this too is a joyous event worth celebrating.

Should we be bombing ISIS in Syria ? My bloody oath we should.