America is on a journey….a plane journey. They’re taxi-ing on the runway and the flight staff are doing the safety announcements.

“In the unlikely event that Donald Trump becomes president this aircraft has 8 exit doors, here and here….and above the wings here.”


Elections aren’t won on the far right and the far left, they’re won in the centre. Trump doesn’t even know what the centre looks like. Surely he cannot win.

I was in the States last week. There was so much talk about  the election, but most of it was about Trump. Granted I spent my time in DC and New York, so I was not likely to uncover many Trump fans in those cities, but I did come across people who were genuinely worried about the future of their country if somehow the impossible happens.

I spoke to Republicans in DC who couldn’t back Trump or Clinton and found themselves backing independents. Our Puerto Rican taxi driver in New York thinks the country would go to rack and ruin if the Trumpster ended up in the White House, but he said to me, “It’d have a get real bad before I considered going back to San Juan coz shit’s real bad there man !”

I know it’s dangerous talking politics in taxi’s, but I had a fascinating conversation with a conservative on the ride from Dulles into DC. He was giving Venezuela as an example of a failed socialist state…and he’d be right. This country which was the richest in South America is now it’s poorest. They’ve stuffed it up big time.

So I said to this Republican, who’s not a Trump supporter…I said to him, “So buddy, do you think the U.S. is an example of a successful capitalist state ?”

“Sure it is,” he said.

It’s not.  And the very simple way that you can see that it’s not is the rise of Trump.Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 12.03.30 pm

Trump has tapped into the psyche of millions of Americans who feel that the system has let them down. If the system hadn’t let them down, they wouldn’t have even heard his booming voice. The fact that Trump is among the last two standing in the race to the White House suggests that the good old U.S. of A. is failing. There are far too many Americans working their guts out and getting nowhere. There’s no glory for them and very little hope.

Trump supporters will be disappointed yet again because he will lose. And this whole episode will probably ensure a line of Democrat Presidents as far as the eye can see.  The Trump phenomenon has moved a lot of people. It’s galvanised the left like never before.  Trump’s rise to the Republican nomination was a call to arms for every sensible American with even the hint of a Democrat bone in their body.  Conversely, Trump has forced a lot of Republicans underground with sheer embarrassment.

Clinton wins, easily. I just hope it doesn’t get any uglier than it already has.