Talk to me about Zaky Mallah.

He’s certainly having his 15 minutes of fame…and he’s loving it.

He’s a bad egg. There’s no question about that.

The big question is, were Q and A wrong in having the bloke on ?zaky

The Prime Minister certainly thinks they were…Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop and Zed Seselja thinks there were. Jason Morrison thinks they were.

I’m not so sure.

Does anybody really believe that the radicalised youth of western Sydney and outer Melbourne are watching Q and A on a Monday night, because they’re not.

I think it’s important for the rest of Australia to see Zaky Mallah and to see first hand how dangerous he is. There are those who believe that he should not have been given a platform because he will use it to radicalise young men. How many serious lefties who, in their hearts would see themselves as sympathisers to someone like Zaky Mallah….how many of them, now that they’ve actually seen him in action, see the error in their previous position.

I think we’ve all seen Zaky Mallah for what he is. A misguided, evil and pathetic man.zaky 3

Am I wrong on this or not

We saw an unthinkable crime in Paris some months ago when terrorists stormed the offices of Charlie Hebdot magazine and killed without mercy.  In the aftermath so many around the world stood up to fight for freedom of the press.

I’d love to know how of those who used the #JeSuisCharlie hashtag back then, but who are now slamming this edgy editorial decision from Q and A ?  What is free speech exactly ?

Mal is a listener to my radio program. He sent me this morning

You are a worry…
Letting radicals on Q&A is giving a voice to the unhinged who are likely to attract similar people through the exposure.
Had last Monday night’s program not made the headlines it might not have been such an issue.
It always was going to make the headlines and draw attention to and thus promote a radical cause.
Kerry Packer pulled the plug on Australia’s crudest home videos mid telecast.
It is time Malcolm Turnbull showed some metal and did the same with Q&A.