Us men tend to not to face the same body image issues that many women do.  I’m not sure why, but we don’t.

I’m carrying 10 kilograms more than I should, but it doesn’t keep me awake at night. Maybe it should, but it doesn’t. Sometimes I get a glimpse of myself in a shop window as a I walk past and think “Come on Parto, suck that gut in big guy,” but I don’t hate myself as a consequence.

Blokes, if you’re teetering on the edge of disliking yourself because you’re a bit larger than you’d like to be, I know how to tip you over the edge.  Just go into Zara in the Canberra Centre and try on….anything….a winter coat, a crisp white shirt or some flash pants. Try on some jeans or a funky jumper. I promise you will emerge from the dressing room with a frown zara 3on your face.

I’ve gone into Zara on a number of occasions and had a look, and I like the style. I love the jackets and the shirts…and the prices aren’t bad.  This morning I finally grabbed a few items off the racks to try them on.

Wow !

I’m 187 cm tall. I weigh around 100 kgs. At most retail outlets that translates to XL and a pants size of between 36 and 38.  Zara stock clothes up to XL, but the labelling is rubbish.  They suggest that XL is relative to US sizes. It’s not.

I was no chance whatsoever of squeezing into that shirt. And to make it worse, the shirt was white. It was a bad bad look. I could do up the 36 pants, but had I worn them for more than 20 minutes they would have killed me.  When I tried the jacket on, it was like me putting my teenagers clothes on.

zara 2I carry a bit of weight, but I’m not obese.

There is nothing at Zara that fits me.  Nothing.

What would be the point of sizing your clothes in that fashion here ? Why would you do it ?

I understand that the label is originally European and that the range was designed for smaller frames, but why not either extend the range for Australia and the U.S. or be honest with the labelling ?

I don’t know what the women’s range is like, but I daresay it’s the same deal on the other side of the gender divide.