I love winter in this town. Yeah I do.

I love the coldest season in capital. I hung washing out this morning before sunrise…without shoes. Yeah it was a little cold on the toes, but it certainly wakes you up. I love the freshness of that mountain air on your face. I love getting those big coats and scarves out and giving the slow cooker a work out in the kitchen.

Subzero mornings ? Bring them on.

The beautiful thing about a -5 morning in Canberra is that you know it’s going to be a stunning day….once the fog clears.

-5 means there cannot be any cloud and there can’t be a breath of wind.

I was up at Mt Ainslie this morning just after sunrise to take some pics.  Believe it or not, this is looking straight down at Parliament house.



And this is looking north up towards Gungahlin


The winter of 2016 has been a long time coming. We usually get subzeros from about Anzac Day, but we’ve scored an extra month’s grace. May it now be bitterly cold.