What a bizarre Monday it’s been in Canberra.

It’s a public holiday for some, but not others.image

The union which looks after ACT public servants won a deal a number of years ago under which whenever ANZAC Day falls on a Saturday, their workers get the following Monday off.  Nobody really thought this one through.

Most federal public servants are working….but some are not.

Public schools are closed but private schools are open.  What a shambles for ACTION busses.

ACTION drivers can opt in or out of the roster on a weekend or public holiday. Not enough of them opted in for them to put a full Monday timetable together, so they’re running today as a Saturday timetable. No school buses

It’s been a shambles.  If you drove down Northbourne Avenue at 8am this morning you would have been the bus stops all overflowing and looking in dismay as yet another full bus drove past them.

imageWhat about parking ?

The ACT Government tell us that parking inspectors are on the job. Are they ? Or did they just say that in the hope we’d all do the right thing.

If you get a parking fine today, surely you could successfully contest it.  If you wrote to the relevant authority and suggested that as it was a declared public holiday for ACT public servants and as it is ACT public servants who administer parking in Canberra, you could only assume that the day would be considered a public holiday for the purposes of parking.

The fine would have to be waived.

Let me know if you get a parking fine today.