Don’t people love complaining about the weather ?

They love it.


Canberrans will be whingeing at great length over the weekend about how hot it is.


Get a grip Canberra.summer


It doesn’t really get hot in this town.


Seriously, We might get a handful of days over 35 over the summer, but for most of those the overnight temp will drop below 20.


Suck it up cos it’s really not all that bad.


Ok so we get 36 on Sunday, but then its going to rain


Lets look around the place and see what other centres are up for.


38 in Sydney today, Newcastle 39, Dubbo 38, Bourke 41.  And many of these places will have extended periods of 35+

I grew up in a little country town in the West Australian wheatbelt.  York is about 100kms this side of Perth and it’s bloody hot.

Every summer we’d have at least a week straight of 40+ temperatures. They’d peak at around 46.  Now, that’s hot.

I still have fond memories of those hot summers in York. My brother and I used to walk around 3kms to school every day. I can so remember the flies !  You would end up with a hundred flies riding on your back on the way to school.image

On the way home in the afternoon, so in the full heat of the day, bits of the road would melt.  It would be hot that parts of the bitumen would turn to virtual liquid.

The swimming pool was the place to be during the day. It would be chock-a-block from right after school.

Back then, in the 1970’s not many people had airconditioning in the car. You just wound the windows down and hoped for the best.  Getting into Dad’s car after it had been sitting in the sun was literally taking your life into your own hands, but you just did it.

Getting to sleep at night was the toughest thing.  After a 45 degree day it’s still going to be above 30 by midnight and I can’t remember ever having fans in the bedroom. All of the windows and doors would be open and you’d pray for any breath of wind. For the most part your prayers would be unanswered.