Watch this before the video is removed from Youtube.

I’ve been criticised heavily for playing the audio of this video online.

This is an edited version of  the video that was sent to media outlets by Man Monis yesterday.

This is the video that NSW Police asked media not to play because it may compromise how they were dealing with the siege. Well, the siege is over.  It ended with tragic consequences.  It’s so unfair that innocent people have lost their lives because of the actions of this lunatic.

I still think it’s important to see what was motivating Man Monis.  As you’ll see in the video, he did call for an IS flag and wanted it to be made very public that this attack was being made in the name of ISIS

Man Monis, although he had no official links to ISIS, it was very very clear from very early on in this story that this was about Islamic extremism. This crazy man, this self styled cleric who pretty much held the entire nation hostage sees himself as one with the Jihadists running rampage in the middle east.

Although he was also inspired by his own battles with the legal system here, it’s very very clear that this was a terrorist act.

We cannot be overwhelmed by the extremists.

And I think most importantly….we cannot be drawn into the whirlpool of hate.


Any Australian who vilifies, verbally taunts or generally makes life uncomfortable for peaceful followers of the muslim faith has completely misunderstood what happened yesterday.


It is abhorrently un Australian for anyone to use this terrorism event as an excuse to perpetrate bigotry and hate.


These extremists seek to divide nations with these sorts of attacks. We must not let them win.