Joe Hockey stated the obvious to Australians yesterday.  If you cannot afford a house and you want to buy one, you need to earn more money.

It’s basic personal financial advice. It’s pretty much on the money but it was a little insensitive. Insensitive because what Joe Hockey is saying is that if you are one of those Australians who, for whatever reason is not capable of earning more money, then the reality is, you are probably not going to be a homeowner.

Unfortunately…that’s the truth of the matter.

So how should Joe Hockey have handled the question ? What is the correct answer to a question of is housing unfordable.

Joe Hockey was saying that if you can’t afford it then housing is unaffordable….so you have to two choices….either hockey 2concede that you’re not going to be a homeowner or find a way to make more money. Housing is affordable if you can afford….and if you can’t it’s not.

In reality housing has always been unaffordable for a large number of Australians. If you’re not working, then hasn’t been a time in this nations history during which you could afford a house.  The problem is that buying a house is becoming an impossibility for more and more Australians who are working.

Of course the Treasurer was pilloried on social media…particularly twitter.

Twitter leans very much to the left.

Twitter in particular is full of left wing warriors who see it as their role in life to sit online and fire potshots at the evil conservatives. They don’t understand how the country could possibly have elected these numbskulls and they’re doing their best to educate the unwashed as to how vacuous and inept the Libs are.

Whatever Joey had said about the price of housing would have seen the lefties come out and ridicule him.

If Joe Hockey had said that he was going to give all Australians a house in the classic communist way, that too would have been wrong because Joe is an evil conservative and even if he says something that should strike a chord with the socialists, they will never ever concede that anything the bloke does or says has any merit.

Needless to say if he states the obvious on housing affordability it’s time for a feeding frenzy.

I guess the correct answer to the question should have been, “Yes. Unfortunately housing has become unaffordable for quite a number of Australians. It’s not easy to buy a house, but the first thing you must do is get a good paying job….blah blah blah.”

At which point the Opposition would have jumped on him for admitting that housing was unaffordable.