I do lock horns with the animal libbers from time to time on my radio program, but they’re loving me today.

Here’s a fascinating discussion that I started on the national overnight radio program earlier this morning…and then followed up by taking calls on my Canberra breakfast program at 2CC.

I think we humans for the most part try to do the right thing by animals.image

We all support the RSPCA and we recoil in horror when those stories involving animal cruelty hit the headlines. We like to think that we’re compassionate individuals. We go ‘awwwww !’ at cute pictures of puppies and kittens….and lambs and piglets.

I don’t think it’s in our nature to hurt animals, but we eat them every day….well those of us who eat meat.

Now don’t get me wrong, cos I’m a meat eater from way back and I love a good steak….but this is what I want to know.

imageIf the only way that you could enjoy a steak or a lamb chop was if you had to be the one who actually killed the cow or the sheep….if you were the executioner would you be an eater of meat ?

How many meat eaters would be capable of physically killing the sheep or the lamb or the goat before hacking up the carcass, searing the flesh of the dead animal and then enjoying it. I don’t think I could ? If I came face to face with the lamb or the cow or the goat I think I would struggle to take it’s life.

I had an interesting response from radio listeners and the social media crowd on this one. Most of the people who said, “Well sure I’d kill it. No problem” either grew up on farms, or still lived on a property.

I had those who were repulsed by the question.

“Enough of the killing question. Enough,” said one meat eating listener who was far too challenged by the question to consider it.

Mick rang to ask me if I was “about to go vegan ?”image

No, I’m not.  But isn’t it a fascinating world in which we live that us meat eaters are keen to devour steak after steak…as long we don’t have to consider killing the bloody thing.

On twitter, @falconhawkman suggested it wasn’t a fair question. He said, that’s like asking him if the only way you could fly in a plane was to be the pilot, would you fly.  I would suggest that killing a sheep is technically easier than flying a plane.

@Drmarctagon said that he would struggle to kill the cow, but that it wouldn’t be out of compassion for the cow.

Where do you sit on this one ?