This has to be the worst hayfever season for at least a decade in Canberra.

Everybody is sneezing their heads off.

It’s been crazy.

There are people who’ve rocked up to the chemist seeking relief for this torrid condition for the first time in their lives. Many are also presenting to doctors, hospital emergency rooms and walk in centres.

We ended up at the Walk In Centre in Tuggeranong yesterday morning. My Luisa is an occasional asthma sufferer, but the pollens in the air have knocked her for six this time around. The staff told us that they’ve been overwhelmed by Canberrans suffering from airborne allergies.image

Hats off to the Walk In Centre at Tuggeranong.

Second time we’ve used it as a family and we’ve so impressed both times, but I get the distinct impression that people aren’t tending to consider it as an option. You get wonderful help and advice from the nurses on deck. You never have to wait long…..well, we certainly haven’t…..and it’s free.

It’s an amazing service.

Talk to me about hayfever remedies.

I’ve been told that inhaling steam and eucaplytus oil will do the trick. This remedy has been almost since the birth of the nation…..but it apparently works. I’ve never tried it.

And…is it true that if you eat lots and lots of honey during the year that it somehow desensitises your body to hayfever.

I’ve had a rough week or so with it.

I’ve got on to the only medication that actually works for me.

I go with demazin repetabs. These are the ones that they don’t actually display on the counter. You need to put your name on a police register to buy them….so they are heavy duty.

They work….but my word they slow you down.

I hope I don’t have to use them tomorrow for Melbourne Cup day at Nowra