I was in a head on motor vehicle collision once.  It’s not an experience that you forget.

This was Launceston, Tasmania, 1986.  It was a wet March morning in suburban Lonny, I think at King Meadows. I was sitting stationery at the traffic lights waiting to turn right.  The rain was steady, but not heavy.  I determined that there was a big enough break in the oncoming traffic to make my turn.  I was wrong.

I drove across the intersection in my XC Falcon and got hit right in the nose by a fast moving Ford Futura.  It wasn’t pretty.

I can remember the noise of the collision. Metal on metal never sounds good. This was loud and frightening. Everything seemed to slow down when I had my collision.  Glass shattered and lots of it…but it seemed to float in the air around me.  It all happened in the space of 10 seconds, but it seemed to last about a minute.image

There was a fair bit of damage done to both cars, but luckily both drivers were OK. We were shaken and a bit sore, but neither of us took any injuries away from our little accident. We were lucky.

Every time that you get behind the wheel you are potentially going to be involved in a serious accident.  It can happen on your street. It can happen on the highway.  If Australians would just be more aware of that risk every day, our road toll would fall dramatically.  Too many of us get into ‘auto-pilot’ mode and assume that everything is going to go smoothly.  That doesn’t always happen.

We had another near tragedy in the suburbs yesterday.  Did you hear about this one ?

This was a collision between a ute and a bus in Manuka.  This was yesterday at the intersection of Canberra Ave and Telopea Park West and it happened at around 4.30pm.  It was a bit ugly.  Woman was left trapped in the ute for some time after the prang.

She was eventually freed and taken to Canberra Hospital with suspected hip and pelvis injuries.

We’ve also lost a truck driver this morning in what sounds like a freak accident on the Hume Highway not far from Tarcutta.  This was 2.30am this morning.  According to reports two trucks were travelling close together on the highway. For some reason a wheel axle from the truck in front has separated from that vehicle and collided with the second truck.  That semi trailer went through the guard rail and ended up in a creek bed.

One of the drivers died at the scene and the other was taken to Wagga Base Hospital in a serious condition.

Please be aware on the roads