Quick show of hands. Who’s had their car broken into ?

Isn’t it a mongrel ?image
That sinking feeling when you get out to your car and you realise that someone has been in it. Sometimes it’s because the inside light is on…sometimes a door is open. On other occasions, it’s not until you get in and discover that glovebox is wide open and things are scattered on the seat.
imageIt hasn’t happened to me for a while, but I remember the feeling.
It’s such a pain if they’ve jammed a screwdriver or some other implement in the door lock because, whatever they’ve stolen, you just about guaruntee it will cost you more to fix than door than whatever cash the bad guys are going get from your goods.
Worse still is if they’ve been brazen enough to smash a window. I had my car vandalised overnight in Coffs Harbour back in the 90’s. They smashed three windows.  What the hell was the point of that ?

It makes me so angry. I bet these people have never worked a day in their lives.image

You shouldn’t be leaving anything of value in your car…..but these lowlife mongrels shouldn’t be breaking in.
Late last week the coppers got one of the alleged perpetrators. They’ve nabbed a kid who was allegedly rummaging through cars in Calwell.  I did some door knocking in Calwell for the Vinnies earlier in the year and I know that there’s been a spate of car break ins. A number of the residents told me of the drama they’d had with their cars.

I always wonder what time of night they do it. On this occasion the police were called to Calwell at 4.40am after reports of a man breaking into cars. The witness was able to give a description of the man and when the police arrived soon after it didn’t take them long to spot him. They saw a man matching the description skulking in the shadows near Tyner Street at Calwell.


Lo and behold when they nabbed him he was carrying a bunch of tools and, shock horror, some items that the police suspected were stolen.

No way ?

The gentleman in question is 19 years of age. He was arrested and charged with a number of offences and he’ll face the Magistrates Court on August 4