I cannot believe how many people have fallen to this dreaded lurgy in Canberra.

I don’t know what to call it cos it’s not the flu….it’s just a cold….but it’s not a common cold by any stretch of the imagination. So, we weren’t sure what to call it. I think we’ve decided to call it Boris.

Have you been hit by Boris ?image

There are entire businesses that have been brought to their knees by this dreaded illness. Speaker Vicki Dunne has very nearly succumbed, but is hanging on in there.

Gordon Ramsay from Kippax Uniting church certainly fell by the wayside. He had a whole week off.  It stitched up Stephen Bailey from the Sex Party.

I got it bad. I should have had a week off and I heard from a bunch of Canberrans on social media who had tales of woe regarding this dogged, persistent affliction that in some cases has had people under the weather for more than a month.

It starts with either a sore throat, or just general tiredness and then develops into a full head cold. For most people I’ve spoken to, the major underlying symptom is an overwhelming tiredness that doesn’t get any better with stacks of sleep.

If you’ve been effected, I want to hear from you.

I’ve had it….and I can’t shake it. I’ve still got the tiredness…..my head’s still not right….the cough won’t leave me.

Boris is a shocker.