I watch a lot of AFL. It’s a brutal game and players often emerge from contests with sore heads. At least once every game I see an incident which involves ‘friendly fire’ whereby team mates come together with eyes on the ball and get hurt. We saw one of those incidents in ACT politics yesterday.

I wonder if ACT Liberal Leader Jeremy Hanson called Jamie Briggs overnight and got into him ?briggs

With friends like Jamie who needs enemies ?

Jamie is the Federal Assistant Infrastructure Minister. Yesterday he weighed into the ongoing debate over this toy train set here in Canberra.  And he’s playing the responsible line.  He warned the local Libs not to cancel contracts for Canberra’s light rail line after the 2016 election…and even went on to describe it as ‘economic lunacy’

The problem is that according Jeremy and the ‘boy wonder’ Coe, it’s economic lunacy to build it in the first place.  

hansonYou have to understand that the Federal Libs are still smarting from the whole Daniel Andrews infrastructure backdown debacle.  As a consequence of that, Jamie Briggs firmly stated yesterday that  contracts lawfully entered into by governments to build infrastructure projects must be honoured.

This is a stand off. Hanson can’t change is his position. Abbott and Briggs can’t change their’s and Corbell and Barr certainly can’t change their’s.

From Hanson’s persepctive as reported in the Canberra Times this morning, “Australia needs more private sector involvement in infrastructure, not less. In this respect threatening to tear up contracts is bad enough but to follow through with this threat is simple economic lunacy that will damage not just the jurisdiction involved but the broader economy.”

I call on Andrew Barr as Chief Minister to delay this project for just 5 months for the sake of everyone’s sanity. If this is so right for Canberra…if we need it to progress further then surely the electorate will see that and return your Government. If not then it would only seem fair to halt the project.