So you know how I made a big song and dance about conceding defeat with my colour blind race calling ?

5734I declared in the blog that I was retiring from race calling…mainly because I wasn’t very good at it.

I detailed it all in the blog a few weeks ago here.

Well, I was down to call one final race meeting at Binda in March of next year.

I got an email from the Dianne Layden who pretty much runs the show at Binda…and she said this.

Hello Mark,

We’re having a committee meeting tomorrow night to sort a few things re next year’s race meeting.
Will you still be available on Saturday, March 14, 2015?
Looking forward to hearing from you. Don’t worry about getting back to me by tomorrow evening if you need more time to sort out your diary.
I wrote back and said this….


I assumed that I would be calling your meeting this year, but if you have another option, I think you should take it.
Have a read of this from my blog.
If there are no other options then I’m your man in 2015.
Talk soon.
And she wrote back and said this…..3518
Sorry to hear that you are retiring, but can understand the problems you would have calling a big field. My husband is colour blind and that causes all sorts of problems.  For the past (nearly) 48 years, I have had to lay out his clothes if we are going anywhere, otherwise he has no idea what he’s wearing. 
As we are unlikely to have more than half a dozen horses in the Cup and probably fewer in the other races, if you want to do it one more time, we’d love to have you. We’ll have to get on the grog after the last race to farewell you properly! – or hang it all, let’s start at afternoon tea!!
If you could suggest anyone else for 2016, we’d be very pleased to have their contact details.  We were very fortunate to find you, and have been extremely happy with your coverage of the meeting.
I’ll get in touch in January.  We wish you and your family a happy Christmas and wonderful 2015.

I think I’m in.

I guess it will be the last time…but let’s make it fun hey ?
They’re good people out Binda way.