We’re off to Lyneham Netball Centre today for Delaney’s Netball Grand Final.

It’s her first ever Grand Final at anything.

My girls inherited their Father’s natural sporting ability, which translates to very little.

Delaney’s tried a number of sports including soccer and AFL. She didn’t shine at either.

In netball she’s found a niche.

She’s actually pretty good at it.

Delaney is a natural defender. She’s tall and relatively mobile and she’s mastered the technical side of the game.

Today we take on Good Shepherd for the major prize.

I coached junior AFL for a decade in this town and loved every moment of it.

Sometimes I was a little too competitive, but I never lost sight of the fact that the primary objective of a junior sports coach is to make his players feel good about themselves. As a junior coach, you want to make your players believe that they can do things, that they didn’t think they could do. It has to be a positive experience.

Delaney’s netball experience has been very very positive and win lose or draw this morning, she’ll be smiling.

Good luck to the Gungahlin South Rosellas