What do you make of Adam Goodes’ war dance ?

If Goodsey wants to celebrate his heritage in that fashion, then that’s fine. Good on him. It was indigenous round after all and that should foster pride in all things indigenous.

But…it must be said, if you want to boo someone at the football…you can. It’s your right as a football fan.Many many things have been outlawed at the football. There’s so much that you used to be able to do, that you cannot anymore, but ladies and gents, booing isn’t one of them.

When you go to the footy, you have the right to hate every player in the opposition team. If you want to boo them, you can…and you don’t have explain it to anyone.

Do your war dance Goodsey..that’s fine. Do anything you want to draw attention to yourself, but don’t whinge and bleat about the fans booing you.¬†

I respect Adam Goode’s right to celebrate his heritage in whatever he chooses, but he should well know that if you make yourself a target then people are going to take shots at you.

I’m sure that some of those who boo Adam Goodes, do so because he’s an outspoken indigenous man. Many do so because they think he’s far too divisive. Many boo Goodes because of his constant rough play. They think he pushes the boundaries in tackles and they’ve got a point. Many of them boo him because he’s a damn good player and they want to try to put him off his game.

If you defiantly rush at a bunch of Carlton fans after a goal in such a  belligerent way, I think you can expect them to give you some sort of reaction.

Adam Goodes is the sort of player that you pay money to go and see because he’s going to entertain you and entertain us he did on Friday night.