I’m going to home for Christmas this year.

I’m having Christmas with Mum and Dad for the first time in at least 25 years. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to it.

My mother and father are in their 70’s. They live in small town Western Australia…a little place called York. All of my early Xmas memories are from York, a town of 3 or 4 thousand residents back then, about 100kms this side of Perth.

My old house at 7 Elizabeth Street, York. This was taken  in the 1970's

My old house at 7 Elizabeth Street, York. This was taken in the 1970’s

I still remember my immense excitement at waking on Christmas morning to see my first ever bike by my bed. It was a bright yellow malvern star. I’d love to know how many K’s I rode on that bike…..up hill and down dale. No helmets back then. My bike was my freedom. I loved it. I never gave a second thought to my Dad assembling the bike in the dead of night on Xmas Eve, but he must have. Thanks Dad.

We didn’t have any relatives who lived in York. Mums side of the family loved coming to York for Xmas from Perth. They just loved the small town relaxed feel of the day out in the bush.

My mother was a simple cook, but what she did she did very very well.

We’d have a big roast chook, or roast turkey and some other dead animal with all of the trimmings.

I have such fond memories of Christmas morning as a boy living at number 7 Elizabeth Street.  Mum and Dad, but mainly Mum would be preparing for the big day…..doing all of the food. The Christmas tree would be surrounded by brightly coloured presents and my brother and I would be waiting as patiently as we could for the clan to arrive from Perth.

I’d go out onto the front verandah and watch for their cars. And oh the excitement when they arrived. Presents would be exchanged. We’d be into the nibblies soon after that…..Dad and Uncle Kelvin and Uncle Stirling would get the first Swan Draught for the day going. Mum would probably be into a green ginger wine.

imageLunch was always a feast. We’d follow it with games in the back yard and by about 4pm most of the adults were asleep. It’d be a late afternoon siesta for about an hour or so.

Christmas was wonderful in York.

I can remember the first Xmas when we went to Perth and that for me it wasn’t the same. It didn’t feel like Xmas unless it was at home.

I’m hoping to prepare Xmas lunch for my Mum and Dad for the first time ever this year. It should be good.