I’m back on the bike…and feeling a little broken and battered.

After a long layoff, I’ve been hitting the roadsides and bikepaths around Canberra and I’m feeling it this morning.

imageOn the weekend I did a couple of rides that I’ve been longing to do for a long time. On Saturday, I drove the car out to Lake George…just past the lookout. I parked in the rest stop and got the bike out before heading to Collector.  I’ve just always wanted to ride the Lake George basin. There’s a big wide on road bike path. The surface is good and it looks super flat. I had this vision that it would be a wonderfully relaxing ride.

I’m sure it would be under normal circumstances but I struck a really windy day on Saturday. I had this really annoying southerly breeze upsetting my apple cart in both directions of the ride.

It was still good value.

I rolled into Collector soon after 4pm in time to have scones with jam and cream and coffee at Some Cafe. It did hit the spot. image

The ride back was even more exposed to the wind. The most enjoyable part of the ride back was scaring all of the rabbits. There are literally thousands of rabbits in the paddocks alongside the Federal Highway between Collector and Lake George. They’re very timid little creatures and they always hear your coming.

On Sunday I rode Majura Parkway.

So I started at the Australian War Memorial.  I rode down past Duntroon and got on the off road bike path.

imageI had this belief that the Majura Parkway was dead flat….I was wrong.

The ride from the airport to the Federal Highway is pretty much all uphill. It’s not a steep gradient, but you do notice it. The thing that defines that ride on the Majura Parkway is the grasshoppers. They are everywhere. They sit on the bike path and then take a flying leap as you approach. Sometimes they jump into you, sometimes they don’t. It’s not quite like a locust plague but it’s still pretty interesting.

And this morning I hit the road at 6.30 to ride into work. Bonython to Civic.

I did a slightly better time than first effort back in late December, but there’s some work to do. I still didn’t crack it for an average speed of 24km/h.  Maybe next time.

I’m feeling a little battered and I’m looking for a place to lay down today.  Lets see how I go on the run home this afternoon.