Well done to Brisbane….and well done to, well us…Australia for nailing the G20 over the weekend.

Seriously, I think we should be proud.

We’ve managed to run an extremely successful G20 summit in Brisbane without so much as a hitch. Things went well. There were a few little protests, but nothing to write home about.g20 group

There’d been so much conjecture over Vladimir Putin and whether or not he should attend….of course he did and in the end he was shirtfronted by more than just Tony Abbott.

Tony Abbott is an embarrassment as a public speaker, but I don’t think he’s an embarrasment at all as a world leader. Look, he wasn’t on the same page as Obama on climate change, but I don’t think that’s a great surprise.

The China/US deal from APEC sees China doing nothing for 16 years. The US does all of the heavy lifting, much of which will never be agreed to congress….remember that Obama has lost control of both houses.

But…what we did see in Brisbane on the weekend was agreement on most things. And that doesn’t usually happen

The world leaders have committed to new levels of cooperation and transparency in a bid to dramatically raise growth. This is a triumph for Tony Abbott. This was always his vision. The idea is to, lift millions of people out of poverty, and propel up to 100 million women into the worldwide workforce for the first time.

It all wrapped up yesterday with agreements to close tax loopholes used by the multinationals, to improve trade, to strengthen the banks, and coordinate a stronger response to the Ebola epidemic.

Sounds like a wrap to me.