I spoke on Parto’s radio program during the week about my new obsession with drones.  He was not convinced. I definitely am.

Anyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook would know I’ve recently started flying the DJI Phantom 2 – and it is sensational!


“When I was a boy”, the best thing I could do would be get a cracking great remote control (RC) car, flog it around out on the road, the car park or wherever it might be.  The idea of an RC plane was simply too much to consider.  Too expensive and too much risk – crash that thing and it’s all over.

Scaling new heights in 2014 is a whole lot easier thanks to the advanced technology of quadcopters and GPS.

The DJI Phantom 2 is the aircraft of choice for serious enthusiasts.  If you want to fly around your lounge room or backyard, grab a Parrot AR.Drone they are fun, easy to fly and cheap.


However, if you want a bit of range, stability in rough conditions and the chance to hook up some mean accessories, the Phantom 2 is a great option.

Having done some online research, I picked up the phone.  Waiting for delivery was not going to happen (I’m impatient).  I phoned Camzilla in Lindfield (Sydney).  The very fact they were willing to chat on the phone for 15 mins about the ins and outs was the decision made.  I walked into the store.

The Rules

Before I was done, they handed me a bright yellow pamphlet.  This outlined the rules and regulations for personal use.  It was very easy to read, was also well explained by the staff and frankly if you’re doing something illegal with your drone you’re a drongo because it’s all quite clear (according to CASA – the Civil Aviation Safety Authority):


Model aircraft:

  • You should only fly a model aircraft in visual line-of-sight, in day visual meteorological conditions (VMC). What does that mean?
    • no night flying
    • no flying in or through cloud or fog, and
    • you should be able to see the aircraft with your own eyes (rather than through its point-of-view camera) at all times
  • You must not fly a model aircraft over populous areas such as beaches, other people’s backyards, heavily populated parks, or sports ovals where there is a game in progress.
  • In controlled airspace, which covers most Australian cities, model aircraft must not be flown higher than 400 feet (120 metres)
  • You should not fly closer than 5.5km from an airfield.

Simple right?  From that, I was sold.  I could fly it in remote areas, over my mum’s property and Pub, down at the local park when there were little or no people around, and for a bit of fun up over my house, but not the neighbors.

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