It’s Canberra’s flagship tourism event…and it’s up and away for another year.

I had a sneak preview of Floriade 2014.
The flowerbeds are colourful and vibrant, but they’ll be better in coming weeks.

I rode the Ferris wheel and loved it, but I couldn’t help but think while I was up high above Commonwealth Park…I couldn’t help but consider how desperately simple Floriade is.

There’s really not much to it.

When you see it the day before the event, before the crowds, before the stalls and the music and the food, it’s just a bunch of colourful flowers.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not downplaying the event. Some of the best things in life are built on simplicity.

And when all’s said and done, if Collector can run a wildly successful festival around pumpkins that they didn’t even grow, then we can pull this off. And we do.
I feel we may need an injection of excitement and innovation from left of field for Floriade 2015, but this year’s going to go just fine.