I spoke on the radio with Parto this morning regarding his impulse purchase of an ‘action’ camera.

My good friend went into JB Hi Fi somewhere in Canberra to purchase a memory card for his Nikon DSRL and ended up walking out with a budget action camera, the Extreme X.  He paid a $100 for it. Now, that’s a helluva lot cheaper than any Go Pro comparison….but.extreme x

Is it possible to get the features, the quality, the durability, the flexibility, the stunning action that comes from what is known quite simply as “GoPro”? for under $100? The high-end action cameras that have that brand and others of similar quality – offer something amazing – but how does a low-cost model compare?

Well the answer to the first question is quite simply no.

I’ve been playing around with the ExtremeX sports action camera.

Before we look at the downside lets look at the upside. It’s $100– that’s a great price. It’s super light – lighter even than the GoPro. And it has a screen – yep, on the back, a screen so you can see what you’re aiming at. All of which are good reasons to consider it.

But, the picture quality is not a patch on the GoPro.

I filmed with them side-by-side today, and you can see this for yourself.extreme comparison 2

The audio is better, the lens is better, the colours are better and the picture clearer.  Quality is just not a patch on a GoPro.

Now while $84 is cheap, it’s only $200 less than a GoPro and I’d say you’re getting less than a 3rd the quality.

Look in the video above – now look outside the car, at the trees I drive past, the colour and clarity is excellent on the GoPro.

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